We’re dedicated to helping parents find children’s literature that embraces diversity, inclusion, and intersectional feminism. We believe equality for everyone benefits everyone, and we’re passionate about passing that message on to the next generation.

About Feminist Books for Kids

As a feminist mom to three white sons, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can raised my privileged kids to be good humans. I want my boys to be kind, empathetic people who understand that equality for everyone benefits everyone.

I believe that one of the best tools we have for raising empathetic kids is children’s literature. Diverse books show kids like mine that there is more to the world than what they experience.

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Board Books

Multicultural books for the littlest readers! Find diverse, feminist books that are perfect for sharing with your baby or toddler.

Picture Books

Picture books bring words and illustrations to life! Dive in to these diverse picture books that will open the world to your child.

Chapter Books

Older readers need diverse books, too! These diverse chapter books will challenge your young reader to see the world in new ways

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