Families come in all shapes and sizes, with various combinations of people living and loving together. It’s a beautiful thing when two families blend to make one, but it can also bring lots of challenges and adjustments. That’s why I put together this list of books about blended families.

It can be hard for kids to understand what happens when two families unite. They can often feel scared that they will get lost in the shuffle, or worry that there won’t be enough love to go around. They may also be angry about new people entering the picture and feel resentful of having to share their mom or dad with a new partner or children. These feelings are totally normal, and the books listed below can help children face their fears about this big transition.

7 Children’s Books About Blended Families


7 Children's Books About Blended Families

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Do You Sing Twinkle? A Story About Remarriage and New Family by Sandra Levins — Told through the eyes of Little Buddy, this book explores what it’s like to adjust to life in a new family. He learns that some things will be the same in his new home, and others will be different than what he’s used to. However, the one thing that never changes is the love his parents have for him. This book was one of my top recommendations for parents when I was a preschool teacher.

Growing Into a Family: A Kid’s Guide to Living in a Blended Family by Cynthia Geisen — This non-fiction book from the popular “Elf Help” series of books is a how-to guide for kids learning how to navigate a blended family. It explores all the various ways two families may blend, and how to  deal with the various challenges that these new situations bring. This book is particularly helpful for kids ages 8 to 12.

The Family Book by Todd Parr — This book is the perfect way to introduce young kids to all kinds of families. Parr shows how families can be different based on their color or their members, but reminds readers that all families share things in common, too. Blended families, single-parent families, LGBT parents, and multi-generational families are all represented in this book. Parr’s bold illustrations make the book fun and engaging. I consider this book a “must-own” for all families!

When Otis Courted Mama by Kathi Appelt — Cardell the Coyote is happy with his life. His parents live in different parts of the desert, but he loves his dad, stepmother, and stepbrother. He also loves his mom. He doesn’t love his mom’s friend, Otis. Otis doesn’t do anything in the same way his father does, and Cardell struggles to accept Otis as his new stepparent. Cardell eventually learns that while Otis isn’t exactly like his dad, Otis has qualities that make him special.

Annie and Snowball and the Wedding Day by Cynthia Rylant — This Level 2 early ready book also makes an excellent read aloud for young kids. Annie loves her dad, and more than anything she wants him to be happy. Annie is so happy when her dad meets and falls in love with a woman named Martha. But Annie also also nervous. What if Martha doesn’t like her? What if they don’t get along? What will it be like to have a stepmother? Annie soon learns that adding Martha to the family adds to the love they all share.

Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four by Maria Ashworth — This rhyming story focuses on a little girl who isn’t happy about her mother’s upcoming wedding. She likes having her mom all to herself, and she doesn’t look foward to sharing him with her new stepfather…or her four new stepbrothers! She tries her hardest to keep the wedding from happening, but she ends up learning that having a step-family has a lot of benefits.

My Blended Family by Claudia Herrington — Olivia invites her friend Lenny over after school, and Lenny is overwhelmed by her big, blended family. As Lenny asks questions about how the household operates with all these kids, he starts to see what holds a family together. The most important element in any family is love, no matter the combination of people and backgrounds.


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