Every book lover needs a reliable tote bag. I mean, how else are you going to get all those books home from the library?

If you’re going to carry your books in a tote bag, you might as well choose one that allows you to express yourself. These awesome feminist tote bags are perfect for carrying your library haul and showing the world that equality for everyone benefits everyone.

Added bonus: all of these bags are available on Etsy, so when you purchase one, you’re supporting an artist or small business owner!


22 Awesome Feminist Tote Bags


Feminist Tote Bags

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Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda by Pirate & Blue Designs

Angry Liberal Feminist Killjoy by Fox and Fancy

Women’s Rights… by Grammatical Art

Dismantle The Patriarchy by BOLII

We Have the Right to be Heard by BlissHR

Nolite te Bastardes Carbourundorum (The Handmaid’s Tale) by Guy Piper

Boys Will Be Good Humans by Free To Be Kids

Destroy the Patriarchy, Not the Planet by Salty Fox Printables

Women Together by Noharanda

Angela & Gloria & Audre & Alice & bell. by Queerly Designs

Hex The Patriarchy by Turner and Pooch

Notorious RBG by Salty Fox Printables

Smash The Patriarchy by Blue Lion Design Show

She Was Looking for a Sword by Hand Me Totes

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights by Pink Robot Shirts

El Futuro Es Mujer by Beeba’s Shop

A Well Read Woman by Alchemy Inc.

The Future is Female by The Printable Concept

Fight for the Things You Care About by Salty Fox Printables

Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights by Turner and Pooch

Steminist by Cute Chemistry Company

Intersectional Feminist by Fiercely

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