Here’s the Feminist Books for Kids income and traffic report for July 2019:

Website Traffic:

  • Pageviews: 3120 (up 794)
  • Users: 2129 (up 322)
  • Sessions: 2646 (up 370)

Social Media Followers:

  • Facebook: 2119 (up 78)
  • I never update Twitter, so I am no longer tracking followers!
  • Pinterest: 1420 (up 53)

Email Subscribers: 187 (up 2)


  • Affiliate Sales: $43.35

Expenses (links are referral links):

  • ConvertKit (Email marketing software): $29
  • Buffer (Social media scheduling software): $15
  • Canva (Photo editing software): $12.95
  • Contractors: $25

Charitable Donation: $125 to Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (our donation plus donations from the FBK community)

Total Income: $43.35

Total Expenses: $81.95

Net: -$38.60

Another month in the red. But I am not sad about it! This is what we call PROGRESS. Traffic went way up, and the gap between earnings and expenses is considerably smaller than it was last month. I am confident that by 2020, we can start to turn a profit and become a self-sustaining resource.

See last month’s report.

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