Thank you to Picture Window Books and Capstone for the opportunity to review this title.

Big Sisters Are The Best by Fran Manushkin shares all the reasons why it’s great to be a big sister, as told by the adorable narrator, herself a big sister. Kirsten Richards’ warm and inviting illustrations accompany this tale of the life of a new big sister. (Manushkin has also penned Big Brothers Are The Best for new big brothers.)

I don’t have girls, but my 2 year old knows all about being an older sibling, so I Big Sisters Are The Bestasked him to join me as I read this book. My son really responded to this story; he could relate to the sister sleeping in a “big sister bed” and having to be quiet when the baby was sleeping. He also enjoyed seeing all the fun things that big kids get to do with their parents, the things that babies aren’t big enough to do, like play games or paint pictures. My son pointed to the girl in the story and said, “I’m big like that girl!”

Books are a great tool in helping children prepare for major life changes. Big Sisters Are The Best is a great tool for helping little girls adjust to the idea of becoming a big sister. I would recommend reading it both before and after baby arrives! In fact, I have recommended this book to the mother of a student who is about to have a baby. Manushkin does a great job of writing in a way that is easy for young children to relate to, and Richards’ illustrations are the perfect compliment.

Big Sisters Are The Best is 24 pages long and is published by Capstone.

I was provided with a digital copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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