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The classic Brothers Grimm story of The Bremen Town Musicians has been retold and illustrated by author and artist Brian Wildsmith. In this story, a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster who fear they are past their prime decide to team up and travel to the town of Bremen, where they plan to join the town band. Adventures along the way change their plans, but bring about an ultimately happy ending.


Once again, I recruited my 2 year old to read this book with me. The first thing we both noticed The Bremen Town Musicianswere Wildsmith’s gorgeous illustrations. The pictures in this book have many layers; the more you study them, the more things you see. We spent several minutes on each page, looking at all the details of Wildsmith’s artwork. I had never read the story of The Bremen Town musicians to my son before, and this retelling was a great introduction for him. When the animals teamed up to scare the robbers, he laughed and laughed. As soon as we finished the book, he asked to read it again. The only snag we hit was when I would talk about the “band;” he thought I was saying “van” and explained to me that there was no van in the story. Once I told him they were joining a band like The Fresh Beat Band, he was satisfied.


If you are looking for a quality version of a classic story, I would recommend Brian Wildsmith’s retelling of The Bremen Town Musicians. It is worth the purchase for the illustrations alone, and the ages old story is still making kids laugh today. I look forward to sharing this one with my preschool class soon.


The Bremen Town Musicians is 40 pages long and is published by Star Bright Books.


Star Bright Books provided me with a digital copy of this book for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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