Flip and Flop by Dawn Apperly is the story of two penguin brothers, Flip who is 5 and Flop who is 2. They love playing together, but sometimes Flip wants to play with his older friends, which makes Flop feel very lonely. Luckily, Flop is able to make a new friend, and everyone gets to have fun together.

I haven’t done a “classroom tested” book review in a while, which is why I chose Flip And Flopto review Flip and Flop. I decided to read this book with my students because I felt that they could relate to both of the main characters. I have some students who are older siblings and some who are younger siblings. As I predicted, my younger sibling students related to Flop wanting to play with his big brother, and my older student siblings could understand Flip wanting to play with someone his own age. The thing everyone loved about this book was the made-up game the penguins played called Boomba! They thought this game was hilarious and I saw several variations on the game during their free play time. Since we read the book last week, they’ve asked for it again several times. It was a big hit!

Flip and Flop is a great read for preschool-aged kids, because it combines to important things. It’s a fun read for children, but it also teaches about family relationships and how siblings deal with one another. The bright, colorful illustrations add an extra element of appeal. If you decide to purchase this book for your collection, I’m sure you will find it’s a read-aloud favorite.

Flip and Flop is 26 pages long and is published by Scholastic. You can purchase it new through Amazon for only $2.99!

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