Who doesn’t love a good princess story? In The Way Home: A Princess Story, Max Lucado tells the tale of Princess Anna, who is fascinated by the dark forest beyond her beautiful kingdom. The story is an allegory of a Christian believer’s relationship with Christ, and is illustrated with beautiful pictures by Tristan Elwell.

I read this story to my preschool class, because, well…they begged me. The Way Home features a beautiful princess, a handsome knight, and a brave king, which is right up their alley. However, as we got into the book, some of my students had a hard time following along. For others, I think the book was just too long.

Sadly, my kids were too young to catch the beautiful allegory that Lucado paints in the story. This didn’t take away from their enjoyment, but I really wish they could have grasped it. I could see myself so strongly in the character of Anna, and the King was a wonderful reference to Christ. However, even my students that were able to follow the whole story didn’t see the allegory. They simply saw it as a nice story about a Princess and a King.

As a read aloud, I would recommend this story for children over the age of 5. If you read this with your child, be prepared to explain the allegorical message so your child can get as much as possible from the book. The story is really well-written and engaging, and I think that Christian adults (even those without kids) will enjoy this book as much as children.

The Way Home: A Princess Story is 48 pages long and is published by Thomas Nelson.

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