September 2019 Income Report

Here’s the Feminist Books for Kids income and traffic report for September 2019:

Website Traffic:

  • Pageviews: 4812 (up 754)
  • Users: 3669 (up 772)
  • Sessions: 4128 (up 820)

Social Media Followers:

  • Facebook: 2565 (up 389)
  • Pinterest: 1590 (up 66)

Email Subscribers: 222 (up 23)


  • Affiliate Sales: $93.39
  • Display Ads:  $7.32

Expenses (links are referral links):

  • Flodesk (Email marketing software): $19
  • Canva (Photo editing software): $12.95
  • G-Suite: $6

Charitable Donation: $10 to Indiana AIDS Walk

Total Income: $100.71

Total Expenses: $37.95

Net: $62.72

Another profitable month!

How did I do it? Two big things helped here: more traffic (which means more income) and lower expenses.

When I found out Flodesk was offering their service at $19/month FOREVER, no matter the size of your list, I had to try it out. My email needs are relatively basic, and so far Flodesk has been a great fit! You can get the same deal (as of 10/2019) if you use my affiliate link to sign up.

I also cut out the paid version of Buffer. I really didn’t need it, and on a tight budget like mine, that $15 a month makes a big difference.

It’s so tricky when margins are so small and every dollar has a huge impact on profitability. October is when my contributors come back on board, which increases costs considerably. However, that cost is 100% worth it. They do great work, and I fully believe in paying people for the work they do. I wish I could pay them more!

My next goal is to get to a place where I can make some of these monthly expenses yearly ones — more expensive in the short term, but cheaper in the long term.

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